Employee Performance Management Using Gamification, And The Born Of Real Time Performance Management

There are cycles in a company life that no one likes. Specially if there are micromanagement tasks associated to those cycles.

The typical employee performance management is one of those. No one likes to be constantly measured as a robot, specially in a global world of innovation at the workplace.

But.... there has to be some kind of processes associated to Performance Management. Sure.

One of the most actual ideas is to take advantage of the flood of available information to change the scope: Real Time Performance Management is born. And the addition of gamification across the process ensures success in metrics as well as a balanced employee engagement approach.

When we analyze the whole talent management - from employee branding to once the individual does not belong to the company anymore, there are a couple of sections in which gamification applied to talent development and organizational development, that can truly double the results of engagement. According to Nitin Kumar in his article "Future of Work: Gamification for Human Resources" , there are areas in which this both performance and gamification can go hand by hand:

  1. HR Gamification in Talent Recruitment Management

  2. HR Gamification in Learning & Development (Training)

  3. HR Gamification in Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies

  4. HR Gamification in Performance Management

  5. Career Progression

  6. Customized Platforms and Apps for Corporate HR Gamification

When approaching gamification, there is a crucial component called Flow. As you can see on the wikipedia definition, flow "is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity."

One of the critical components when creating a game - in general - is to be aware of what are the triggers and actions that gets the player in a flow state. And one behavior we - as HR professionals - are looking is to get our colleagues to feel comfortable and challenged in them roles, get the best of them into action and to enjoy work. Curiously, is the same concept as mentioned on flow.

As in any other strategy, model or technique, gamification has its own secrets and tips / tricks. The key to success in getting gamification to empower your projects, is to understand the very basics on employee engagement: what are your employees looking for in a work environment? What are the manners - culture - in which are looking to be involved? What happens in case of wins and what happens in case of losing?

Once you have answered this questions, i encourage you to get a moment over Meet with me. I would love to know if there is an opportunity to create a recognition game around your company culture, or a voting system for project based in point, or.... you mention, we estimate time & cost and then... your have it!

Thank you for reading this note.

Stay safe.


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