How Businesses use Gamification to Engage and Increase Profit.

There is no secret we have a lack of attention due to multiple distractions in the workplace. And this drives less profit due to problems, re-process and lack of quality in processes, products and services.

In a Gallup poll conducted in 2013, "87% of employees worldwide are either not engaged (really couldn't care less how the business does) or worse still, actively disengaged (working to sabotage the business!) at work".

One more statistic: experts estimated that 80% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of employee engagement.

Defining gamification as the use of game design tools into business processes, higher levels of engagement using gamification principles to reward your employees for performing positive behaviours that drives performance.

So, if you are looking for a magic wand that transforms bored into fun, loss into profit and/or a bad attitude to get into good mood, i must say gamification is NOT the answer.

This said, applying game mechanics (such as leaderboards, badges, and levels) to sales tasks to motivate and engage sales teams, drive high performance, increase competition, and created a solid path to manage employee performance.

Why is this so? Because in the interim gamification design, we analyze human behavior, team attitudes and types of competition / cooperation you would like to include in your actual processes. 

Based in guiding principles such as auto - determination, we challenge team members to get more focus in certain areas. And for sure those areas are the ones we need to better perform and to consolidate efforts.

Different actions, such as creating leaderboards, setting up a point based system, delivering badge, encourage players to focus on all aspects of work. Gamification uses points assigned to each metric to determine results for players, teams, and at the end, your complete operation.

Now that you know there is no magic wand, would you like to share with us how do you see/use/dream gamification in your workplace?

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